In order to comply with UK Anti-Money Laundering  we are obliged to verify customers identity and address to assist the authorities in combating financial crime. This requirement to ‘Know Your Customer’ (“KYC”) applies to all regulated money transfer businesses.

Your data is kept confidential in accordance with our data protection policy and may only be disclosed if their is a legal requirement to do so.

Obtaining documents applies when sending a remittance. For remittances we currently ask for verification of name and address after customers have made more than five remittances or if remittances to date total more than £700. However, we only need to verify these details once; subsequent transactions can be undertaken without this formality.

For 5 remittances or more or remittances to date totalling more than £700.

(A) Valid passport or Current UK Photo card, Driving License.

(B) Proof of address (Bank statement, Utility bill not mobile phone) up to 3 month old. Or,

Driving license (if not used as proof of ID)

Local authority/ council tax bill (valid for the current year)

Benefit book or original notification letter from Benefits Agency

Recent bank, building society or credit card statement or passbook containing address

The most recent mortgage statement from a recognised lender

Local council rent card or tenancy agreement

Inland Revenue correspondence

NHS medical card

Motor insurance certificate (NB only if address is stated)

Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)

Private tenancy agreement

A student’s address may be verified by reference to the parents’ address; or by confirmation of address from place of study.

       Do not send original personal identity documents by mail, e.g. passports or driving licenses.  It is acceptable for original items such as bank statements or utility bills to be sent by mail. For valuable documents such as passport or driving license, take a photocopy and have that copy certified by a suitable person, as true copy of the original, sending us the certified copy.

Framework Terms and Conditions

T&C October 2009 - 1 -


1.1 These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions which apply to money

transmission services with Exim Exchange Company (UK) Limited of The Limes, 1339 High

Road, London N20 9HR (the "Firm").

The contact details of the Firm’s head office and branch from which the service is provided

to you are given below

Address - 5 Old Montague Street, London E1 5NL

Telephone number 020 7377 2474, 020 7377 1335


The Firm is registered with the Financial Services Authority under the Payment Services

Regulations 2009 (registration number: 504062) for the provision of payment services

For simplicity we will refer to ourselves and our branches and agents as "the Firm" or


We operate a money transmission service which you will use to send and to receive money

transfers. Our money transfers can be sent from our Branch in London and picked up at

most locations throughout Bangladesh. You may call the number listed above or check our

website at (the "Website") for our address and business

hours. The main characteristics of the payment services which we may provide to you are as


Retail money remittance service: a money transfer service for a sending customer where

a remittance payment is made to a named receiving customer, normally in another

country, and where the transaction size is less than £5,000 (money may be received in

cash or in a bank account);

High value money transfer service: a money transfer service for a sending customer

where a remittance payment is made to a named receiving customer, normally in

another country, and where the transaction size is £5,000 or more; and

Foreign Exchange plus onward transfer: provision of currency exchange for a customer

plus onward transmission of funds for a payment purpose.

Money transfers will normally be paid out in cash, but some payment service providers in

the receiving location will pay by cheque or a combination of cash and cheque. All payments

are subject to availability, the payee showing documentary evidence of their identity and

providing all details about the money transfer required by us as set out in these Terms and

Conditions and including, without limitation, the name of the payer, country of origin, name

of the payee, the payment amount, transaction control identification number and any other

conditions or requirements which we consider necessary or applicable at the payee payment

location. In limited circumstances, the making of a money transfer may be subject to local